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Log Facts

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Log Facts

All our wood is locally sourced from sustainable sites, thus keeping our carbon footprint through transportation to a minimum.  We only use hardwoods, mainly Oak, Ash, Beech, Alder, Birch and Cherry, as they are denser and heavier than softwoods, providing a higher calorific value and a longer burn time. 

Your log load will contain a mixture of hardwoods.  All our wood is felled and seasoned in large piles for at least 18 months before we select it for processing into logs.

Seasoning is the process of reducing moisture levels within the wood to prepare for more efficient burning.  Drier wood gives more heat and fewer residues, meaning you do not have to clean your log burner quite so much! It does not matter how the hardwood logs are dried, it is all about the level of the moisture content within the hardwood, the lower the better.

Seasoned logs are then processed onsite to your requirements.  The large sections are cut into either 8”, 10”, 14” or 18” lengths (10” is our standard log size) to suit the size of your hearth or log burner.  The logs are then split into 12+ sections, opening the wood to allow further drying and reducing the log size for ease of handling.  The split logs are then passed through a cleaner to remove any loose debris which enhances the quality of the product.  At this stage the seasoned grade logs are ready for delivery to the customer.

We recommend a further drying period, once stacked in your log store, before optimum burning quality is achieved so get ahead and order these sometime before you run out of logs and this batch will be ready for you to burn when your remaining logs are all used up.  Moisture level readings are taken prior to delivery - our seasoned logs have a typical moisture reading of less than 50% but this can vary due to weather conditions.

Barn Stored are recommended ready to burn with a typical moisture content of less than 25%.  Once again, they are hardwood logs; we never mix hardwood and softwood unless requested.

The production method is exactly the same as described above but we process logs for Barn storage all year round.  Instead of delivering straight to the customer, we store the split logs in huge covered barns where they dry thoroughly in time for the winter peak season. We mainly sell barn stored logs in 8” and 10” lengths as these sizes are the most popular.

Kiln Dried Logs are super dry, with a moisture content of less than 20%, and burn the most efficiently. These logs have had extra moisture removed in an artificial drying process using a kiln and can also be burned immediately. We sell Kiln Dried Logs in either 8", 10", 14" or 18" lengths (the standard being 10”). At peak volume times we may use imported kiln dried logs.

Volume V Weight

All our log products are sold by volume (with the exception of the small netted bags which contain an average of 10 logs).  This is because a wet log weighs so much more than a dry log of the same volume.  All our loose log delivery vehicles have been specially built with containers which have been internally divided into sections; each section holds a measured 1.5m3 of logs guaranteeing the same size load every time. 

We are able to deliver up to 9m3 in one vehicle, in divisions of 1.5m3.
From us, you will always know exactly how much wood you will be getting, unlike many suppliers who offer ‘a trailer load’ or ‘a bulk bag’ of indefinable quantity.

Here at Logs2yourdoor our compartments in our lorry and trailers are measured to exacting standards, and audited by HETAS for our certification.  When you order with us we guarantee your loose load is 1.5m3.

Do be careful when ordering from our competitors as you may think that you are receiving more logs for less money when in fact you are receiving less logs for more money!