It is with regret that we have had to increase our prices. This is due to an unprecedented shortage in the supply of timber, resulting in a rapid increase in timber prices. We have not seen this before, to this degree, in the industry. We may have to increase our prices again if this trend continues.

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About Us

Logs2yourdoor are based in the beautiful Shropshire Hills. We are a family firm with good old fashioned values such as supplying a quality product for a fair price and we pride ourselves on our customer care.

Solely arable farmers until a few years ago, we then diversified into hardwood log supply. The summer is the farming peak time, with the harvest of the crops in late summer, so log supply fits perfectly into the winter season.  Processing is an all year round activity, however, to ensure large stocks of barn stored logs are ready to meet the high seasonal demand.

We saw a gap in the market in the supply of loose firewood logs sold by volume rather than weight (a wet log weighs much heavier than a dry log, so buying your logs by weight is not the best option at all!). Our specially designed delivery vehicles have measured compartments within them ensuring that our customers will always receive a measured load.  Some suppliers offer ‘a trailer full’ or ‘a bulk bag full’ which are indefinable quantities.

Following installation this Spring of the largest purpose built Carbon Neutral Kiln Dryer for firewood in the United Kingdom we are able to meet high demand for Kiln Dried Firewood.